Friday, October 17, 2008

Project Runway Winner!

I watch Project Runway! There, I said it!

And I like it!

Which is funny, because there is absolutely nothing high fashion about me.

Wednesday night was the Season Finale... and of the final three, the girl that I wanted to win, DID!

Her name is Leanne Marshall and I totally enjoyed her final collection. In another life (and a different body) I would wear a couple of the outfits that she presented.


MarieC said...

We L-O-V-E Project Runway! Rob watched the first season on late-night reruns before he let me in on his little secret. :-)

I was very happy that Leanne won, and even happier that Kenley came in 3rd. What an unpleasant person--I knew when Tim was the guest judge that she was in trouble!

Dawn said...

I love project runway too! We don't have cable, so I also watch it on You Tube (gotta love you tube!). I liked Korto's collection as much as Leanne's, and I always like some of Kenley's pieces (some are too 80's for me).

Being a seamstress, I'm always amazed how they put it all together so fast, and do it all just out of their heads (no instructions!). My dream is to go shopping at Mood.

I just wish Leanne would do something with her stringy hair.