Friday, October 3, 2008

Chalk Talk Storage Jars

I found these very cute, and very reasonably priced jars at Cost Plus World Market! I think they would make great teacher holiday gifts! Fill them with a homemade goodie, or even a bunch of wrapped candies, and label them with the teacher's name and presto... gifting done!
Also, I thought of many uses for these jars at home. I think I'll get two... one for a chore jar and one for a special treat jar. In both I'll put colorful slips of paper with either 'extra' chores or special treats or privileges. I will use the chore jar for chores that can be done to earn extra money or be done as a consequence! In the treat jar I will include coupons for things like an extra serving of dessert, an extended bedtime, a dessert date with mom or dad, a mini-manicure, a little toy, etc... all things that I can use as rewards!
I started thinking... these jars range in price from $4 to $8 each... I wonder if I could find some bulk jars (maybe from IKEA) and buy some of the blackboard chalk paint and create this gift for much cheaper! I think so.
Fun project...


Nikki said...

i like the chores idea... I haven't even really started "chores" yet. She does know that it is her "job" however, to put the shoes away... and she picks up all of her own stuff... I hope that is a good enough start?

Pollyanna said...

Oh these are adorable! I may just have to check them out.