Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Current Giveaway!! Childsplay!!!

I LOVE CHILDSPLAY!!! I really do! Childsplay is a professional theatre group for young audiences! They are a highly acclaimed organization, with many, many awards and recognitions over the years. Last month I took my girls to see their production of "Miss Nelson is Missing" and it was incredible. We had a great time. We have seen many different Childsplay productions and have NEVER been disappointed.

I have season tickets for the 2008-09 season and am looking forward to some fun shows. Childsplay does season tickets different than the customary method of buying subscriptions. They sell what they call "Play Passes" and if purchase 12 or more passes they are only $16 a piece... which is a great deal! Ticket prices are normally $20-25 a piece. Their productions are first rate and their home theatre is the beautiful new Tempe Center for the Arts. Every seat is a good seat!

One play pass equals one ticket. You choose WHICH shows you want to see and HOW many passes you are going to use for that show. For example... if you buy 12 Play Passes, you and a guest can attend six different shows throughout the season, OR you could take three guests to attend three different shows. YOU CHOOSE how to use your Play Passes. For more information about Play Passes, click here.

I am looking forward to taking my girls to see Velveteen Rabbit in December. I am confidant it will be fantastic and a great holiday activity for us to do together.

Childsplay has generously donated TWO TICKETS to the Childsplay Production of The Velveteen Rabbit. These tickets are for opening weekend, Sat and Sun, November 22nd and 23rd. There are two performances each day to choose from. Please leave a comment here by midnight, Tuesday, October 7 and I will randomly select a winner on Wednesday morning!! Good luck!


soccermom said...

I just took my kids to their first play this summer, to see the Wizard of Oz. I would love to take them to as many other plays as I can! Growing up, my parents took us to ballets, to see the symphony, and plays. It's so expensive now that I keep putting it off. But at least I've started on it!

Nikki said...

love the velveteen rabbit... kinda sad story... but very sweet

lori said...

I love the neat things you do with your kids. What a great idea to take your kids to a play. I thought that was only for school field trips. I have so much to learn.

Jessica said...

How fun! I've never been to Childsplay, but I've always wanted to go. This would be great to take Wil's nieces to!

Molly said...

I would love to go to one of their plays. We were going to go to Miss Nelson is missing but haven't found the time.

Rita said...

Childsplay productions are fabulous and worth the effort and time. Children love seeing plays live. It is magical for them. I love going with my grandchildren.