Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Supreme Sacrifice Day

Today is Supreme Sacrifice Day!

I'm not making this up! Click here.

The website explains...

Supreme Sacrifice Day recognizes the ultimate sacrifice made by some for the good of others.

History is filled with examples of people who offered the supreme sacrifice for other people.

Today is a day to reflect and offer thanks and appreciation to those who made the supreme sacrifice for us.

Note: I am making fun a little of this holiday... that is why I edited some of the information from the website. I don't want to be irreverent.

So... in honor of this holiday... I would like to pay tribute to a great sacrifice that recently took place in my home. After three-plus years of faithful service, we said goodbye to a big part of our daily lives today! Today... Supreme Sacrifice Day, we recognize the dependability, the reliability of our good friend. She was there for us, day in and day out... always willing to do the icky work, and always doing it so silently and efficiently.

Yes, our dishwasher died a very ugly, loud death today.
But, due to the remarkable advancement of appliance repairs and after a very short wait on the transplant list... our beloved friend received a motor transplant today. Oh glory be!

So, the Supreme Sacrifice that I hail today is not only that of our dishwasher, but also that of my husband's wallet!

Thank you! Thank you!