Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hollywood Tower Hotel

I asked Phil what his favorite ride at Disneyland was...

he answered...

The Hollywood Tower Hotel.


Because I love him, I went on the ride.

It was terror-ific! I'd probably ride it again!
This is how describes the ride...
Dare to scale the heights by checking into the once-glamorous, and now vacant, luxury Hollywood Tower Hotel! Explore the mysteries of what happened that fateful night when lightning struck, then plunge 13 stories into the most thrilling recesses of The Twilight Zone®.

Encounter the hotel's ghastly ghostly guests.
Experience the mysterious atmosphere from the classic television series.
Confront awesome special effects.
Get an adrenaline rush from the view at the top of the abandoned elevator shaft before the delirious drop into the fifth dimension and beyond!

This is Phil standing in line to ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror... I snapped the picture with my cell phone!


MarieC said...

This was the one ride that we could NOT get Jason to go on last time we were there...we offered him all sorts of bribes, but at the last minute, he bailed (he said he was going to be sick even before we got on the ride) so I took him out the exit. Because the line was so long, I never got a chance to go back and ride it.

Nikki said...

hopefully... someday.
My husband would scream like a girl