Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mabel's Labels

"Please label all belongings." Those instructions always cause me stress.

My kids are old enough and busy enough to be attending all sorts of different summer over night camps, tournaments, day camps, etc., let alone all their school year activities. Labeling their stuff has always been a nightmare. Tape and regular stickers wear off, permanent markers rub or wear off...

Mabel's Labels promises to solve all those dilemmas. Their clothing labels are designed with washing, drying and wearing in mind.

They have two different types of clothing labels. Stickers (75 labels for $21.00) that you can apply directly to the clothing label... no sewing or ironing required. They also have iron on labels (50 labels for $21.00). Both types shown above.

The label shown here are the Skinny Mini's... created to resist dishwasher and microwave use. A package consists of 80 labels for $18.50.

What a great product. Should make the directions "Please label all belongings" far less stressful.


MarieC said...

What a totally great idea!