Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dyson Animal

I love my Dyson Animal!

Love it!

It came with an Animal Turbo Tool... for pet hair removal in confined spaces... like the car! It also came with a Carpet Care Kit... to remove spots and spills. And it also came with a Floor Tool... to get under the couches and low tables. Oh... and the wand is incredible... it extends so far... I can clean the air conditioning vents while standing on the floor!!

And I love not having a bag!! Yucky!!

I have NEVER met a Dyson owner that doesn't LOVE their Dyson!!


MarieC said...

I've never owned a Dyson though I have heard amazing reviews. I must say, though, that the one bagless vacuum I owned, I HATED. Cleaning out that compartment was so much worse than changing bags ever was. So I would be curious to know how the Dyson does it to make it not such a gross task!

Melissa said...

We have had our dyson animal for about 3 years now and we love it, and it still works as great as the first day. our old vacuum wouldn't pick up all of our dogs hair and you could still see little white hairs everywhere! We bought the dyson animal and it picked up everything! my husband put on all black and rolled across the floor as part of "the test" and he came up with only 1 dog hair on him!!! I am now saving up for the hand held one!!!