Tuesday, February 24, 2009

National Tortilla Chip Day

These are my two favorite brands of tortilla chips... and since today, February 24, is National Tortilla Chip Day, our family will be having chips and salsa with dinner tonight!!

I buy On the Border tortilla chips at Sam's Club. And I buy Nana's Chips at Safeway. Nana's Chips are so awesome when you take the extra thirty seconds, or so, and warm them in the microwave. Yummy!

Our favorite salsa is Carol's. Sorry... Carol is Kaleigh's club soccer coach... you won't be able to find her extremely delicious, perfectly blended, magnificently spicy salsa anywhere! And you'll rarely find it in our refrigerator either. When we get an order from her, we usually eat it the same day. One time, I hid a container of her salsa in a cottage cheese container so we could have some the second day! I am sooooooooo sneaky!


Nikki said...

do you ever make your own salsa? I just started, I love fresh salsa... don't get me started... I am likely to go to the store and buy stuff to make it

::Jan:: said...

I have never seen both those products. Funny huh. I am totally missing out.

Thanks for the update on the national day.

Woo Hoo for chips that go straight to my hips :)