Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All-Star Cookie Cutters from Williams Sonoma

You can make (notice I did not say that I can make) these adorable cookies with the All-Star Cookie Cutter Set from Williams Sonoma. I love sugar cookies, and I love using them as favors at parties, and fortunately I have found two bakeries that will make them for me! They will even use my own cookie cutters for special orders!
The All-Star Cookie Cutter Set is $25 for a set of 8.


Dawn said...

Those are darling. Maybe I'll have to get them for when the kids are really into sports.

Honey Moon Sweets in Tempe is a fabulous bakery that will use your cookie cutters to do what you want. I used to work there - long ago. Tim and Joan (owners) are fabulous!

Nikki said...

this is awesome, but the problem with this is that you have to be able to decorate the cookies to compliment the design.
OR you could just invite your sister-in-law the cake decorator over... and hand her the icing?