Friday, November 7, 2008

This Place is a Zoo

My husband wants a boxer puppy for Christmas... I think I found one.

But wait... my 7 year old daughter wants a Chihuahua for Christmas... What is a mother to do? A mother that has said for the last 20 years that she won't be getting a dog... she isn't a dog person?

I think I found a solution. Both of those adorable, lifeLIKE puppies above are actually
stuffed animals. They look very realistic when their tummys are moving in and out like they are really breathing. These breathing puppies come with their own blanket to lay on and a cardboard carrying case as well as a certificate of adoption and a care manual. They are $32.50 each and you can purchase them at This Place is a Zoo. I love it!!! What an amazing idea!

Perhaps your family is more exotic... and you need something a little more grand? Check these guys out...

This ostrich is 30" tall and is $99.

The granddaddy of all stuffed anmials is this guy... when sitting this gorilla measures over 28" tall and retails for $299.00.

Be sure to check out This Place is a Zoo. It looks like they might just have every animal you could think of!!


MarieC said...

My kids (all "3" of them) would KILL me if I tried to pull this on them! The "we want a dog" chorus has died down again for now, but I am sure it will heat up again here soon. These are darling, though!

Nikki said...

PLEASE, consider this piece of advice...we have done this experiment at LEAST three times that I can remember... borrow a tiny puppy for a few days... long enough so that the kids are sick of it pooping in the house and eating their toys, then give the poor animal back to its RIGHTFUL owner!

Jen O. said...

Puppies are tough. Bella, our first Puggle was a piece of cake - potty trained in a week, and giving us vocal cues when she wanted to go outside. Pippi, our second Puggle was totally the opposite - it took almost 6 months to get her trained. My Bissel got quite the workout. I like Nikki's idea, except be careful, it's easy to get attached to such a cute, soft, baby creature. Good luck.