Friday, November 21, 2008

Stadium Seats

High School soccer season is about to start. Actually yesterday was our daughter's first scrimmage game! With two kids on the high school soccer teams I'm going to be at a lot of games.

It is crucial to have good stadium seats for the almost two hour games. My qualifications for a good seat are easy... 1) it must be thick enough that I don't feel the frigid cold of the bleachers, 2) it MUST have a back (not just a pillow to sit on), 3) it must not tip over when I lean back and 4) it must not cost a fortune!
My new favorite sporting good store... Dick's Sporting Goods... had these great seats! And they are only $25 each. Plus, I used a $10 off a $50 purchase... making them $20 each! Yea!!

This is what the Dick's Sporting Goods website said about the seats: The GCI Outdoor™ Bleacher-Back™ seat offers fully reclining back support for sitting on bleachers with a nylon adjustable strap and a 2-in padded seat cushion. The folding design and carrying strap make it easy to transport, and it includes an oversized storage pouch for holding a wallet, keys, etc.

P.S. These seats worked great inside for volleyball season as well!


soccermom said...

Anything with the word "soccer" in it, has me interested and intrigued!