Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Green" Tote Bags

I'm toying with the idea of getting some reusable grocery bags and discovered these good-looking bags. The yellow bag, called the Envirosax, is $7.95 and the set of five bags is $37.95. I found them at!


Nikki said...

ok, (give me a minute... I am mounting my soapbox)
I love this idea, however, when I am good and only go shopping once a week for my family of FOUR I bring home twenty or more bags. (I don't like my bread squished) How on earth could you ever buy enough of those?
Secondly, my personal feeling is that they should go back to using paper (with handles) - they were much easier to recycle (many more good uses for them - book covers, wrapping paper... etc)
and Finally, I try to recycle the plastic bags. I reuse them as garbage bags. Honestly, I fill them with USED disposable diapers that will clog up landfills and still stink 30 years from now!

MarieC said...

These are totally cute bags! I love the black & white ones. I would definitely use them for shopping at the mall but I don't know how good they would be for groceries. Up here in the "green" states, most grocery stores have reusable bags for about a buck which are a little larger than the dimensions of a standard paper shopping bag, and they have a flat piece of (recycled) plastic on the bottom to keep them stable. They are really great, and I have even had my MIL sew up some of the side seams that have come undone.

Jen O. said...

Waaaay cuter than the bags offered by Vons or Ralph's.