Friday, August 22, 2008

Burn Notice

One of my guilty pleasures is the USA Network Original TV Series "Burn Notice." I love it!
USA Network says about the show "When spies get fired, they don't get a letter from Human Resources. They get BURNED!"
This is the story of Michael, a former spy, who has been burned. He is struggling to put his life back together while figuring out why he was 'burned.' Along with his friends Fiona (a former IRA operative) and Sam (an ex-military operative), Michael uses his special skills to help people... in true MacGyver style!
The show is on Thursday nights and the second season is just about wrapping up! It has been a fun summer series!


Ingram Family said...

We love this show too! It is full of action and funny at the same time. We also enjoy Psych on USA Friday nights. Can't wait for premiere week - I am a T.V. Junkie!
p.s. I love how your comment picture is you with Matthew Perry!

MarieC said...

We adore Burn Notice! Rob's already bought the first season on DVD. Very smart, very funny, and Michael is VERY easy to look at! :-) We hope it becomes more than just a summer series.

Carter Family...... said...

Love it! Except watching Fiona hurts my self esteem!