Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Funny Aprons from the German Corner Store

I was not wearing an apron yesterday when I was baking. I might have ruined my new shirt with the splattering of some oil... dang it! So, I'm on a hunt for some aprons. The German Corner Store has some funny aprons! These aprons are $15 each and there are more styles on their website!


MarieC said...

Those aprons are hysterical--I love the pig peeking out of the pocket.

To try to save your new shirt, if you have regular-formula Dawn dishwashing soap, use a few drops directly on the stain(s) before washing. I just read about that trick a few days ago, and lo and behold, Eldon came home from band camp yesterday with valve oil spilled on his shorts so I will be giving it a try very soon!

Jen O. said...

Hey, I just got the cutest apron for my b-day from my neighbors (they think I'm "Martha" just because I cook and bake and have a garden). It is so pretty - here's the website:

My apron is a halter style and it's called Ginger. I looked up on their websites for locations that carry their aprons and it says Signatures on 67th Ave has 'em.

Maybe they'll donate one to your blog and you can do another drawing????