Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catalina Island

Today is my 21st wedding anniversary!

It seems appropriate to blog about Catalina Island! We spent a portion of our honeymoon on Catalina Island and fell in love with this fun, relaxing place. Actually, we had both been there before... separately... as teenagers. Going together was fun... and we've had the good fortune of going back a couple of times since our honeymoon!

We take the Catalina Flyer (a large passenger catamaran) from Newport Beach. The hotel that we stayed at 21 years ago has probably been demolished... it was old and blah. But since then we've stayed at the St. Lauren and loved it!

Interesting... I just went online to get the link to the St. Lauren. I FOUND the hotel from 21 years ago. It is called the Hotel Atwater... and it is still open! It was built in 1920 and looks like it has benefited from some updating. Wouldn't that be fun to go back with my husband and stay there??? I'm so sentimental that way!!

I highly recommend a weekend, or even a day, spent on Catalina Island. It is relaxing and offers unique shops and places to eat!


Jessica Gonzalez said...

Congratulations! We would love to take you out to dinner for your anniversary sometime...just let us know when.