Saturday, June 6, 2009

Old Navy - Baby/Toddler Pajamas

I love the kids' pajamas at Old Navy! They are the perfect weight for Arizona summers. We use ceiling fans, so the kids need some warmth... just not a lot! And the style choices are too cute. They are 100% cotton and tagless... perfect for their tender little skin!


Melissa said...

These are my favorite Pj's of all time for Jolie! I love them!

Valerie Valentine said...

Adorable! I'm bummed that I can't find "footie" pajamas for my 14 month old anywhere, but these are a cute alternative :)

Nikki said...

I just spent about four hours yesterday going through Karina and JJ's old clothes - donating to DI. I only save a few things that I am really attached to (we talked about that) somehow - Karina's old Navy PJ's... with the red and white striped pants...stick out for me. I just remember how cute her little chubs looked in those tight pants!