Friday, June 5, 2009

Awkward Family Photos

You know how it goes... you find a new blog or website that has been around for awhile, but is new to you. You like the recent posts, and feel compelled to read the older posts.

You spend a little too long looking around the new interesting site.

It keeps getting better and better!

That is my gift to you!! Enjoy these few samples of a fun new site that my cousin recently introduced me to! You'll be glad that you did!


Click here

or here

or here

or here

or here

Really, you should click on all of the above.

And then bookmark AwkwardFamilyPhotos for a regular giggle!


Nikki said...

I looked at all of them - and seriously OMG! AWWWWWWkWARD! It just goes to show - it is all about the photographer!

Dawn said...

That is hilarious! Can't wait to have time to look at the rest!