Saturday, April 11, 2009

I ♥ Shaun!

I had this image on a t-shirt. I wore it until you couldn't see the picture anymore.

I had this album. I had every album... three??? Knew all the songs... probably still know them. Sang them, using my comb as a microphone, with the cassette tape playing LOUD LOUD as my back up!

If he was on the cover... I bought the mag!

Watched every.single.episode. Am now watching the episodes over again with my younger girls. I feel myself swooning every once in awhile. I think it is built in to my DNA to swoon.

I loved the episodes where Joe Hardy would sing as part of his character. ahh...

It is fun to share these memories with my daughters. If I could only get them to stop laughing at the outfits. Ok, and if I could only stop laughing at the outfits. We are almost through season one and it has been fun. The discs have part Hardy Boys... part Nancy Drew. I LOVE NETFLIX!!

Did I mention that I had a life-size poster of Shaun Cassidy in my room when I was growing up? LIFE SIZE!!! And it was right next to my bed... last thing I saw at night, first thing I saw in the morning!

Shaun Cassidy, 2008


MarieC said...

I loved him, too!

Williamsboys said...

I love him better young! Not so ok as a grown up...