Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Blues

Wanda: When Zoe was a baby we spoon-fed her every meal.
Darryl: Yep.

Wanda: With Hammie, we monitored every bite, but we let him feed himself.
Darryl: uh-huh.

Wanda: And now with Wren, I just toss tiny bits of food on her tray and let her do the rest.

Darryl: So are you afraid were not giving the third baby enough attention?
Wanda: No. I think we wasted a lot of effort on the first two.


Nikki said...

oh Amen to that!

Janna said...

So true! I have thought about that with Kate. I think it's the divided attention we must now give to four not just the one. Plus we started giving finger food much earlier. Forget the "baby" food. What a waste of money!

The wisdom of experience...