Monday, September 1, 2008

juju berri

75th Ave and Bell Road
(in between the Old Navy store and Jamba Juice!!)

UNBELIEVABLE discovery!!! Today, while out running errands with Kaleigh, I saw a sign for the grand opening of a new store and couldn't resist checking it out. It looked a lot like Pinkberry, which I love but does not have any stores in Arizona, so I entered the store very hopeful!

AND I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. It is almost a clone to Pinkberry...

The big difference is juju berri is self-serve. Another difference is that there are ten different flavors. Sample cups are provided so you can pick out your favorite, but I stuck with the Green Tea version that I loved from Pinkberry. I even did the same toppings... fresh strawberries and sliced almonds! It was so yummy!

I'm thrilled to have one so close to my home!

My only complaint... it does not appear that juju berri has a website. What is up with that? I got a business card from juju berri, but it only lists a myspace page. Weird.

So, for now, I can't even tell you if there are other locations...


Kim and Nathan said...

Where was this one? Looks yummy:)

Alison said...

Kim... 75th Ave and Bell Road, two doors down from Jamba Juice. Am on my way back there for the second time today! Taking Phil! I've just added the address to my entry as well.

Kim and Nathan said...

Thanks. Maybe I'll see you there:)