Thursday, September 18, 2008


First, you must know that I love John Cusack... and I have for years. Since the 80s... that is a long time ago.

I also quite like Sean Hayes and Steve Buscemi.

All three of these uber talented men have leant the voice talents to the new animated movie, Igor, that arrives in theatres tomorrow.

The story is about a scientist's assistant, Igor, who has the audacity to dream big!!! He accomplishes the impossible... with the help of his friends.

It is common knowledge that opening weekend is a huge measuring stick for the success (or lack of success) for a movie!

I propose that we support the heck out of this movie... this weekend.


Nikki said...

I, too want to see this movie just because of the characters doing the voices. Something I know you do not know about me (we can use it if we are ever in a room where there is a "get to know you game"?!) One of my secret dream jobs - I have a few - is to do voice-overs