Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Single Stone Studios

Single Stone Studios has taken vinyl lettering and signs to all new heights!! Check out these fun samples from their shop! Shelly also has a blog... check it out here!!

This clock can display anytime that YOU wish for it to display! I think this would be perfect for a baby's nursery displaying the time of birth! You could have the clock made in a vinyl that matches the nursery!! OR how about displaying the exact time you said "I DO"... that would be so cool! OR any other time that has personal significance!

How cool would these flowers be in an entry way? I also thought they would be great in a guest bathroom... a space that is normally small! What a statement!

Remember... you can personalize the color choices to match your own decor!

I am putting this on my wishlist. I love Today's Menu!! I like the classic look of it being in black, but am considering a sage green to match my kitchen! Or even a brown???


Nikki said...

This gives me such a good idea... for the room that we just built...!

MarieC said...

I gotta get Today's Menu, too! Oh, man, I really gotta get it!

Single Stone Studios said...

Hey - It's Shelley from Single Stone. Just wanted to give a great big THANK YOU for your blog feature today! I have linked back to you from my blog.

Thanks again!!

Justina Selim said...

I love the flowers!

Jen O. said...

So cool. Love it. I'm still thinking about a phrase to put above my gallery wall. If you think of something, please let me know.