Saturday, July 5, 2008

Harry Connick, Jr.

I listened to one of my favorite artists today and was reminded how much I enjoy his music! Harry Connick, Jr. is incredible. Not only is his music awesome to listen to... he is one dang good- looking guy!

I went to see him in concert a couple (few?) years ago with a girlfriend. Since neither of us were having to buy tickets for our husbands, who would probably have enjoyed the concert but might not have admitted to enjoying it, we splurged on the best possible tickets we could get! Worth every single penny! It was as if he was singing to us. I swear he made eye contact with us! ahhh, I love memories!

Two of my favorite albums are "Only You" and "Songs I Have Heard."
Isn't he just so cute?


~D Spack~ said...

Yes, I think he is darling! I loved the movie "Hope Floats"!!!

Dawn said...

Love him! I saw him in concert too, many years ago. It was worth every penny!

Stoney, Sally, said...

Not a super huge fan of his music but I love his movies. I just watched PS I Love You, not a super big part but still good.