Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chino Bandido

One of my favorite local restaurants is Chino Bandido. (Note: it is IMPOSSIBLE to eat here on a low-carb diet!)

Located at 19th Avenue and Greenway, in Phoenix, Chino Bandido is a typical looking hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The food is a mix of Chinese Mexican. I know, I know... weird! But oh so yummy!

I usually order the Jade Red Chicken bowl (which is similar to orange chicken... but way better). Sometimes I will order a side of refried beans, just because I love their beans! My girls love the Teriyaki Chicken. The bowls are served with white rice, and I understand you can substitute fried rice for a nominal fee... but WHY? Phil loves the Pollo Diablo... it is VERY HOT and SPICY!!! As Chino's will tell you... Pollo Diablo is NOT for the tenderfoot!

Ok, the best part about Chino's is their SNICKERDOODLES! Oh man... they are so yummy! Each entree comes with a cookie, but I always end up buying a dozen to take home! I went this weekend with a couple of my little girls and we ordered a dozen to bring home to my husband as an early Father's Day gift. He was thrilled!

If you go, tell them you are new to Chino's. They will let you sample some of their most popular menu items!

This is a nothing fancy kind-of-place and it is in a weird out-of-the-way location... but well worth the trip! And they offer take-out! A couple of years ago they opened a location in Gilbert... never been there, but I'm sure the food is just as yummy!
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Molly said...

I didn't know you were a fellow Chino Bandido lover! We love that place and yes, the snickerdoodles are divine!!! We were so glad when they opened one down here by us!