Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Book Fun!

Something that is guaranteed to make me laugh is watching my kids laugh!

Today I took them to the public library so they could each check out three books. It was so much fun to watch them scour the shelves looking for the perfect book! On our way out we selected some DVDs to watch in the evening before bed. I also checked out a novel, plus a couple of cookbooks.

So, this is a SHOUT OUT for your local public library! Go... take your kids... let them enjoy all that the library has to offer! And if you don't have kids... trust me, there is a lot for grown-ups as well!



Andre, Melissa & Jolie said...

I used to love to go to the libary as a kid, once Jolie gets older, I will take her for sure! I remember going once a week in summer, I loved it!