Monday, January 25, 2010

pen n' paper flowers - GIVEAWAY

Check out this adorable print...

The amazingly talented Jess from pen n' paper flowers created this beautiful, inspiring print!!

And she's giving two of them away!!!
Click here for the fun giveaway. And enter!
And... when you enter, tell her that I sent you! She is giving ONE of the prints away to the person who sends the most people over to her blog!!!
If I win... I'll do a giveaway for a gift card. You can pick Hobby Lobby, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or Target... those are the places I go most often... and I'll send you a $10 gift card!
Rules for my giveaway... you HAVE to enter the drawing at pen n' paper and you have to mention me in your post. You can either say that Alison sent you... or that Laugh sent you... she'll know they are both me! I will then put every one's names that entered the pen n' paper giveaway into a drawing and randomly select the winner!!!
Hurry, the pen n' paper giveaway ends tomorrow (Tuesday) night!! Be sure to check out her blog while you are there... you will seriously be inspired, perhaps motivated and most certainly awestruck at the creative talents of this girl!!!
I really want the print! Can you tell?
Good luck!!!


Anonymous said...

2 bad u r 2 honest 2 stack the votes.

nah, u r wonderful cuz u r honest.

good luck. love ya,


jess @ pen n' paperflowers said...

you are AMAZING.
you have sent so many people over to my blog to enter this little give-away and i'm so thrilled.

thank you TONS for the support -
you've got so many wonderful friends - i've been inspired by the comments they've all been leaving.
that tells me you must be pretty wonderful yourself.

thank you SO much.
and good luck...*wink*

Candi Ladwig said...

I am not stacking the votes... thought it was a friendly contest. Both of us are spreading the word for an amazingly talented artist!

Alison said...

Emmi... you are silly! Didn't see you leave an entry on the giveaway!!

Jess... your stuff is incredible!!! I love it! And yes, I have some pretty wonderful friends!

And Candi... don't listen to Emmi... she's 12. ;-) The contest has been fun!!! I'm hoping for a win in the "randomly drawn category"!!!

Nilda Noel said... now that I see what it says I wish I would have put my quarter in for this one at the was the ONLY time my number was called that night. I guess I was wrong...this would have been perfect for me. So...does she sell them? You'll have to let me know.