Wednesday, September 2, 2009


When I was a teenager, I worked at a movie theater. (Loved that job, for the record!) It always amused me when people would order extra large popcorn with extra butter, a milk duds, red vines and a diet coke! Ok... seriously... just enjoy the real sugar in a real coke. But, I now know that people can just really prefer diet coke. But still... I appreciated the irony!

It is 25 years later and I still appreciate irony.

Take for example my experience at Sprouts today. (Sprouts is a grocery store with a heavy emphasis on organic, healthy foods... lots of fruits and vegetables, and a very large organic selection!)

I was standing in line to pay and overhead the following conversation...

Lady #1: ... today is the first day back to shopping... I've been recovering from surgery.
Lady #2: Oh man... is everything ok?

Lady #1: Well, I had to have my boob job fixed... one of the sacs was leaking. It was painful, but I'm doing a ton better.
Lady #2: Did you have the sac removed?
ME: THUNK!!!!! that is the sound of me hitting my head on the credit card machine. 'Cuz clearly NOTHING had been removed... if you know what I mean!
Lady #1: Oh no. He just fixed it. Left everything there!
Lady #2: Well... you look great! You are just beautiful!
Lady #1: Thanks! I also had my lips done this summer and LOVE them!

Note: I'm paraphrasing a bit.
It was a difficult conversation to listen to...
these ladies had JUST met... standing in line at the store!!!

Now... to the ironic part!! I bought some raw trail mix. No salt, no sugar, no preservatives. At check out, I asked the cashier if she had ever tried it. She said no. I indicated I was a little nervous because I usually buy salted... but wanted to try raw.

The lady behind me... Lady #1 said... "oh... you'll be so much happier with the organic stuff! When they start adding all the chemicals and crap it just ruins the natural product!!!

It took me several minutes to pull it together enough to trust myself to speak! I love irony!!!

True story!!! I promise!


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Nikki said...

I, too, love irony. First - I like the way that diet soda tastes better than regular. I would take any soda right now, though because it has been about four months.

My husband had a really bad day at work yesterday. One reason - he outsources the "trimming" of palm trees to another company. One angry customer called him out to the property to observe that the palm tree trimmers had damaged some stucco at his place. The irony is that - the guy (before he was retired) did stucco for a living. In a heated discussion (the guy was heated - definitely not my husband) he told my husband, "I was doing stucco when you were in diapers". This insult - my husband rather appreciated since the night before we lay in bed - me attempting to convince him that he will be 31 not 29 at his next birthday.

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too funny!

Claire said...

that is a great story.

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