Friday, May 30, 2008

The best invention EVER!!!

Ok, seriously... TIVO is the best invention EVER and I'm not kidding! I love it!!

Tivo allows you to watch whatever you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it! Without commercials even!! And Tivo is smart... once it figures out what types of shows you like to watch, it will tape suggestions for you! Oh man... my Tivo is so smart!

We have two Tivo boxes. One in the family room, one in our bedroom. We have the family room Tivo set up to tape shows that the family watches together or things (like cartoons, Hannah Montana, professional soccer games, etc.) that just the kids watch. Our bedroom Tivo is set up to tape the shows that we love to watch together (Prison Break, ER, etc.) or shows that I watch (Top Chef, Law and Orders, etc.).

We set up Season Passes for the shows that we don't want to miss. That way, whenever they are on... whether the start time is different, or the show is on a different day, we don't miss an episode. This works especially good for shows that are on 'break...' this way we don't have to re-train ourselves to catch the episodes when they return.

We have also set up Tivo to be connected to our home network which affords us all sorts of added bonuses... including the capability of setting up Tivo from any computer. So... if we are out of town and decide that we want a particular show taped (that isn't already set up to tape through a Season Pass) we can go online and set it up to tape! COOL!!

Also, we can watch a slide show directly on our TV of any of our photographs from our home computers. Super COOL! I use this when we have family parties... I have Tivo loop through a designated directory of photos for a background slide show throughout the party!

If I'm interested in watching movies that star Doris Day, I can set up a pass to automatically tape all shows that she is in! Or if I am looking for a particular show, but can't remember the name, I can do a search through Tivo using any of the information that I do have. Like a theme of the show, or an actor's name. Oh, and Tivo knows (I told it) what channels I receive so it doesn't suggest shows that are on channels that I don't receive. I can also block any channels that I don't want shows taped from... like MTV, or the Spanish stations, etc.

For more information about Tivo, or to read a more 'refined' description of what Tivo really is, click here.


Justina Selim said...

Tivo is on the list for when we graduate!

MarieC said...

We LOOOOOOVE TiVO! Ohmygosh, how did we ever watch TV without it? Season passes are the BEST! Rob hacked the skip forward button so it goes forward 30 seconds at a excellent for skipping commercials!

I don't even want to go to Mariners games at Safeco Field anymore because they don't have TiVO so that I can fast-forward through all the times when the Mariners are in the outfield.

Kara said...

Alison, you need to be the spokesperson for Tivo. :) We've talked about getting it because I ALWAYS miss shows that I want to watch - case in point, the season finale of Lost! I was so upset. Anyway, you sold me!